Civil Rights & Pursuit of Happiness unite Gay & Straight Men at Copper Cactus Ranch, a Safe Bromance

by Bobby Cook PhD

At Copper Cactus Ranch, our sanctuary for men, masculine intimacy is accepted as natural, whether platonic or romantic, no matter a man’s declared sexual orientation or religion.

 Copper Cactus Ranch is a safe place where a straight man and a gay man can befriend and bond, not fearing the loss of their masculinities. Our human needs are programmed by Natural Selection into our DNA and not changed by society throughout the ages, only suppressed.  The ill teachings of Iron Age dogma and prejudice can't erase our true requirements to be happy.  

Our secular outreach to straight, gay and bi males grows from spirituality and is a quest for fairness like Martin Luther King’s fight for civil rights, Gandhi’s non-violent protests against oppression and John Lennon’s music of brotherly love.  I’m Bobby Cook PhD. I’ll be writing about Bromance, Male Bonding, CCR, Men surviving living in the Closet, Dignity, Psychogenesis of same-sex attraction, Shaming of Men, Forgiveness, Moving on, Men’s Sexual Repertoire, Anatomical Position of the Prostate and more.

I’ll be talking of a time when Intimacy between males was accepted by wives, girlfriends, families and the community as a necessary, healthy aspect of male bonding and beneficial to men’s well-being.  I’ll speak about a new study from the University of Winchester in the UK showing that men place higher value on their close male friendships than they do their female relationships in almost every measure of intimacy. More specifically, "the increasingly intimate, emotive, and trusting nature of bromances offers young men a new social space for emotional disclosure, outside of traditional heterosexual relationships."  

Copper Cactus Ranch Men’s Retreat offers a safe sanctuary now, in our lifetime.


Bobby Cook PhD