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Providing a Safe Retreat for Men


Men haven’t TRULY been given their right to the pursuit of happiness in our society.  Most often we have sacrificed our happiness for others. I want you all to know that YOUR happiness matters!  You have the right to pursue what makes you whole. And all men deserve their right to feel their feelings without being labeled and prejudged.  If you feel like you are in a world that doesn’t make it easy to be yourself, you are right. I want you to know someone cares and wants you to find joy, whatever that means to you.  No one has the right to take your future. If you have given most of your life to satisfy others who may not even realize or appreciate all you have given up… then, don’t you think it’s time for you to have a portion of your life that is yours?  

My partner, Rich Homan and I have put everything into a dream, our mission, a “retreat” for men. Why? Men need a safe place to enjoy bonding and camaraderie without fear of ridicule, no matter what a man’s sexual orientation is. You may just need to be in the company of other men, a place where core values like respect for others, owning your feelings and being kind are encouraged.  

We want Copper Cactus Ranch to be a fun place and at the same time propagate new, kinder and healthier memes to pass down the generations. This is a place where a man can become a better man, find his own truth or learn how to pass on tolerance and compassion all while enjoying a comfortable, safe, fun environment.


We will reach out to you! 


I’m Bobby Cook Ph. D.


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