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Volunteers Needed!


Copper Cactus Ranch has no employees, our generous volunteers have helped us along way since we took possession of the property in January of 2018.

Thank you, men for believing in our dream to have a safe sanctuary where men can come, relax and be themselves.


No special skills are required to volunteer, but expertise is helpful. 


Interested in becoming a volunteer?

Complete the application form below and let us know your skills. 


Groundskeeping & Maintenance

Ongoing maintenance at the ranch: 

  • Landscaping, digging and cactus removal

  • Hiking trail improvements

  • Campsite improvements

  • Paint & drywall upgrades

  • Replace house siding & windows

  • Hot tub cleaning & maintenance

  • Pool cleaning & maintenance

  • Housekeeping

  • Electrical & plumbing upgrades



Upcoming improvements to the ranch: 

  • New decks and social areas

  • New meditation labyrinth

  • New hiking trails throughout the 40 acres

  • New camping cabins & tent spots

  • New storage and utility structures

  • New laminate flooring updates in the ranch house


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